About The Game

Tradition. Rivalry. Excellence.

The annual Georgia-Florida rivalry is an iconic national event that brings the Jacksonville community together to celebrate college football like no other city in the country. A time-honored tradition since 1933, it has become a showcase for one of the rivalries that make college football great. TIAA Bank Field typically seats 64,000. With 55,000 square feet of video screens inside the stadium, there’s no such thing as a bad seat! This rivalry has had its fair share of star players, from Florida legends Danny Wuerffel, Fred Taylor, & Tim Tebow to Georgia greats Herschel Walker, Matthew Stafford, & Scott Woerner. Not to mention some of the greatest coaches to walk the sideline, including Vince Dooley and Steve Spurrier.

Explore The Event’s History

October 31, 1992Jacksonville, FloridaFlorida26-24
October 30, 1993Jacksonville, FloridaFlorida33-26
October 29, 1994Gainesville, FloridaFlorida52-14
October 28, 1995Athens, GeorgiaFlorida52-17
November 2, 1996Jacksonville, FloridaFlorida47-7
November 1, 1997Jacksonville, FloridaGeorgia37-17
October 31, 1998Jacksonville, FloridaFlorida38-7
October 30, 1999Jacksonville, FloridaFlorida30-14
October 28, 2000Jacksonville, FloridaFlorida34-23
October 27, 2001Jacksonville, FloridaFlorida24-10
November 2, 2002Jacksonville, FloridaFlorida20-13
November 1, 2003Jacksonville, FloridaFlorida16-13
October 30, 2004Jacksonville, FloridaGeorgia31-24
October 29, 2005Jacksonville, FloridaFlorida14-10
October 28, 2006Jacksonville, FloridaFlorida21-14
October 27, 2007Jacksonville, FloridaGeorgia42-30
November 1, 2008Jacksonville, FloridaFlorida49-10
October 31, 2009Jacksonville, FloridaFlorida41-17
October 30, 2010Jacksonville, FloridaFlorida34-31 OT
October 29, 2011Jacksonville, FloridaGeorgia24-20
October 27, 2012Jacksonville, FloridaGeorgia17-9
November 2, 2013Jacksonville, FloridaGeorgia23-20
November 1, 2014Jacksonville, FloridaFlorida38-20
October 31, 2015Jacksonville, FloridaFlorida27-3
October 29, 2016Jacksonville, FloridaFlorida24-10
October 28, 2017Jacksonville, FloridaGeorgia42-7
October 27, 2018Jacksonville, FloridaGeorgia36-17
November 2, 2019Jacksonville, FloridaGeorgia24-17
November 7, 2020Jacksonville, FloridaFlorida44-28