About The Game

Tradition. Rivalry. Excellence.

The annual Florida-Georgia rivalry is an iconic national event that brings the Jacksonville community together to celebrate college football like no other city in the country. A time-honored tradition since 1933, it has become a showcase for one of the rivalries that make college football great. EverBank Field typically seats 64,000, but we’ve increased the capacity to 82,000+ for Florida-Georgia. With 55,000 square feet of video screens inside the stadium, there’s no such thing as a bad seat! This rivalry has had its fair share of star players, from Florida legends Danny Wuerffel, Fred Taylor, & Tim Tebow to Georgia greats Herschel Walker, Matthew Stafford, & Scott Woerner. Not to mention some of the greatest coaches to walk the sideline, including Vince Dooley and Steve Spurrier.

Explore The Event’s History

October 31, 1992Jacksonville, FloridaFlorida26-24
October 30, 1993Jacksonville, FloridaFlorida33-26
October 29, 1994Gainesville, FloridaFlorida52-14
October 28, 1995Athens, GeorgiaFlorida52-17
November 2, 1996Jacksonville, FloridaFlorida47-7
November 1, 1997Jacksonville, FloridaGeorgia37-17
October 31, 1998Jacksonville, FloridaFlorida38-7
October 30, 1999Jacksonville, FloridaFlorida30-14
October 28, 2000Jacksonville, FloridaFlorida34-23
October 27, 2001Jacksonville, FloridaFlorida24-10
November 2, 2002Jacksonville, FloridaFlorida20-13
November 1, 2003Jacksonville, FloridaFlorida16-13
October 30, 2004Jacksonville, FloridaGeorgia31-24
October 29, 2005Jacksonville, FloridaFlorida14-10
October 28, 2006Jacksonville, FloridaFlorida21-14
October 27, 2007Jacksonville, FloridaGeorgia42-30
November 1, 2008Jacksonville, FloridaFlorida49-10
October 31, 2009Jacksonville, FloridaFlorida41-17
October 30, 2010Jacksonville, FloridaFlorida34-31 OT
October 29, 2011Jacksonville, FloridaGeorgia24-20
October 27, 2012Jacksonville, FloridaGeorgia17-9
November 2, 2013Jacksonville, FloridaGeorgia23-20
November 1, 2014Jacksonville, FloridaFlorida38-20
October 31, 2015Jacksonville, FloridaFlorida27-3
October 29, 2016Jacksonville, FloridaFlorida24-10
October 28, 2017Jacksonville, FloridaGeorgia42-7
October 27, 2018Jacksonville, FloridaGeorgia36-17