Sideline Safety Zone

What is A Sideline Safety Zone?

Sideline Safety ZoneThe Sideline Safety Zone and Guest Service locations are produced by City of Jacksonville to provide an area where residents, students and visitors enjoying downtown Jacksonville before, during, and after the Florida-Georgia festivities can find assistance. This includes basic medical help, first aid, transportation services information, directions, telephone service, food, water, coffee and more.

Need Assistance?

Get Help. Call the hotline! (904) 630-SAFE (7233)


Access to directions, first aid and medical support, water, telephone service, cell phone charges, snacks, coffee, maps and other information.


Location & Hours

Located throughout the downtown area, the Sideline Safety Zones are the fastest way to get help during the Florida-Georgia weekend.

Outside The Jacksonville Landing
(On Independent Dr. near Laura St.)

Friday, Oct. 28 6pm – 2:30am
Saturday, Oct. 29 Noon- 2:30am

Georgia-Florida Welcome Center
(Lot K next to Metropolitan Park)

Friday, Oct. 28 8am – Midnight
Saturday, Oct. 29 7am – 10pm

 JTA Stadium Bus Loop

Saturday, Oct. 29 Noon- 9pm

RV City

Friday, Oct. 28 6pm – 2am
Saturday, Oct. 29 Noon – 10pm

Outside Veterans Memorial Arena

Friday, Oct. 28 5pm – 11:30pm
Saturday, Oct. 29 Noon – 9pm

Inside The Jacksonville Landing

Friday, Oct. 28 8pm – 2am
Saturday, Oct. 29 Noon- 2am

Sideline Safety Zone

Penalty-Free Safe Zone

The Sideline Safety Zone is about making everyone’s Florida-Georgia’s experience as enjoyable and safe as possible. Fans who request assistance at the Zone for themselves or their friends will not be subject to legal action on alcohol issues.

Safety Tips
  1. Stay in groups.
  2. Stay in high-traffic areas.
  3. Choose a designated driver.
  4. Take a photo of where you park.
  5. Take a cab or free trolley.
  6. Act responsibly.
  7. If you need help, go to a Sideline Safety Zone location.
  8. Call the hotline: (904) 630-SAFE (7233).